AR Work


See all Snaplenses and Instagram Filters I personally like best.
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ARTECHOUSE / United Nations Foundation (Snapchat)

A complex project with motion graphics elements and interactivity.








Planet Generator – Lens Studio (Snapchat)

A fully procedural random planet generator of which I also posted all project files on GitHub.
Try it for yourself!








Me, 3D scanned – Lens Studio (Snapchat)

Used the Structure Scanner on an iPad, with the app ItSeez3D.
Animation comes from Mixamo, and the texture on my shirt is animated.








Face Glitch – Lens Studio (Snapchat)

The first thing I made when vertex displacement was added to Lens Studio 2.3! It’s fully procedural, made with the Shader Graph Editor.
It hit 8.5m views in the first week.








Ocean Window – Lens Studio (Snapchat)

A view of the ocean, with an escaping fish.








Colonize Mars – Spark AR (Instagram)

I have a back-cam version of this for Snapchat as well (see next item in this list), but this was my first ever attempt at Spark AR.
All animation is done using the Patch Editor in Spark.








Colonize Mars – Lens Studio (Snaplens)

This one looks a bit better, but it does not have that aspect of seeing yourself in selfie mode which I really like.
My favorite thing about this Snaplens is how it tells a little story in under 30 seconds.








Trailing Error – Lens Studio (Snapchat)

I figured out how to do feedback loops in Lens Studio, which really helps with performance since there is never more than one window rendered in this scene.
The other ones you see are ‘ghosts’ in the image buffer.
And I like this retro Windows 95 kind of effect – My Keyboard for Lens Studio is also in there, so you can change the text in the title of the window.








Arcade Joystick – Lens Studio (Snapchat)

A collaboration with Phil Walton – he made the assets, and I wrote the game logic.
Space Invaders, built from scratch!








Scary Mr Skeletal – Lens Studio (Snapchat)

My first ever viral Snaplens for Snapchat, it had over 5m views in the first week.