December 2018

As there is no built-in keyboard feature in Lens Studio yet, I decided to make one myself. One day there will be a real, proper keyboard in there, but I think this is a nice solution for now.

For easy installation instructions and a quick explanation of how to use it, check the readme-file!

No programming is required to use the Keyboard, but it is possible to call certain functions (the full list is in the readme-file).

lens studio keyboard

The keyboard supports single-line and multi-line text, with as many lines as you'd like.


Lens Studio Keyboard prefab multiline

There are two more panels for symbols and numbers:


Lens Studio Keyboard prefab

Lens Studio Keyboard prefab

  And you've got some customization options:

lens studio keyboard preferences

Keyboard in action

You asked for it - Custom text notifications! from r/SnapLenses

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If you have any questions/suggestions, let me know!