Why your brand needs AR content



User engagement is a very powerful tool in advertising.
The interactive makes the message stick, and combining Augmented Reality with Social Media makes the user want to share your message.

There is a huge audience for AR, especially on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.
Some early adopter brands are in the AR advertising game already, but it still is uncharted territory for the most part.

I make Snaplenses (for Snaphat), and Filters (for Instagram).
Let’s work together!



‘Face Glitch’, a Snaplens I made for Snapchat recently, hit 8.5m views in the first week –
all without any marketing strategy or social media bump.
(Try it for yourself!)






If you have any questions, or if you are interested in working with me to develop your idea, reach out to me!
Or keep on reading to see what I have made so far.

Experience and know-how

official lens creator



Since July 2018, I have been an Official Lens Creator for Snapchat.
This gave me the opportunity to attend both their first and second annual AR tech conference called ‘Lens Fest’, at their headquarters in LA.
The third Lens Fest, which was virtual (for obvious reasons) and public to the world, I did a tutorial on custom materials.




snapchat lens fest 2
Me, surrounded by all these talented OLCs at Lens Fest 2 (October 2019)




From visual experiment, to complex technical challenge, all the way to internet meme;
the kind of Snaplenses/Filters I have worked on so far have been very diverse when it comes to target audience.

Scroll down to see some of the ones that I made, or see my full AR portfolio!

‘Colonize Mars’ – An Instagram Filter that puts you in a rocket and flies you off to Mars.
Try it for yourself!






‘Ocean Window’ – A deep, blue ocean, with fish jumping out of it. One fish escapes.
Try it for yourself!






‘Max’ – A Snaplens with a 3D scanned and animated miniature me.
Try it for yourself!






‘Arcade Joystick’ – A collaboration with Phil Walton – he made the assets, I wrote the game logic. Space invaders, built from scratch!
Try it for yourself!








For more of my AR work, see this page.