Projected Augmented Reality

May 2017

Combining a Motion Capture rig, Unity and a stereo 3D projector can give some interesting results:
this experiment forces the perspective of a viewer to a projection on the wall.
This way, the perspective is always right, no matter where you are standing in the room.
Kind of like this scene from M:I – Ghost Protocol. But a little less sci-fi-y.

The results were pretty decent, but it’s quite an installation to set up – I’m wearing a cap with Motion Capture dots on it and active shutter 3D glasses to get a stereo-3D view, there are many OptiTrack cams around me and a projector is connected to a computer running Motive and Unity.

This would be even better if the projector would be mirrored and placed on the other side of the screen it’s beaming on, so I wouldn’t be walking through the beam and creating my own shadow.


Here you can see what’s going on under the hood: