QuickPNG (Python)

Instantly write a screenshot of all selected nodes to your desktop (PNG).

PixelSort (NDK C++)

Sort pixels in an orderly fashion.


pixel sorting in nuke

ShiftRGB (NDK C++, VS project)

Tutorial for setting up the Nuke NDK using Visual Studio and writing/compiling a basic plugin.


Nuke NDK plugin knobs

NukeShared (python)

Automatically load plugins in Nuke when they're placed in the right folder. Can also be used as a plugin repository on a server.


auto load nuke plugin

SetLoop (toolset, python)

Loop nodes an amount of times, like an image solver/iterator. Useful when, for instance, rendering fractals or reaction diffusion in Nuke.


Breakdown_Maker (toolset)

Quickly make a customizable breakdown that plays the shot while the layers are wiping sequentially.



RandUV (Python)

Randomly scatter the UVs of all selected objects within variable maximum bounds.