A keyboard shortcut to quickly align selected dots in straight corners with their input and output nodes


Auto run .nk as NukeX
Windows registry key that opens NukeX instead of Nuke


A gizmo to ‘uncrop’ a cropped image, or crop it to the bbox


A gizmo that makes your breakdowns


Make a card that fits precisely in the selected camera’s frustum (with the option to link it to its animation)


A keyboard shortcut to close all open property windows


Keyboard shortcuts to cycle back and forth through common knobs on selected nodes


A keyboard shortcut to open the path on the clipboard in explorer/finder


A keyboard shortcut to connect selected merge nodes to selected non-merge nodes, with dots in corners


A script that automatically installs all gizmos and other add-ons for Nuke


A keyboard shortcut to paste the clipboard for each selected node


A plugin that sorts pixels to create glitch-like effects


A script that makes adding/changing key-bindings easy


A script that can read ZEISS lensdata to Nuke


A script that can loop sets of nodes, like an iterator


A plugin for a C++ tutorial on how to set up an NDK project


WordArt 1997   haha yes
A few of Microsoft Office’s amazing text designs – now available for Nuke


A script that collects all media required to make a Nuke script work to one folder






RAT convert and relink all textures in the current HIP file







A script to batch-execute a boolean over all selected objects


A script to randomly scatter UVs to reduce repetition in textures




Lens Studio



A prefab for an on-screen keyboard in a snaplens

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Auto run .nk as NukeX (Windows registry key)

When opening a Nuke script, automatically run it as NukeX.

AlignDots (Python)

This will align all selected dots with their input and output node, effectively placing them in a straight corner.
Running this script multiple times will make the dot switch between possible positions.

Keyboard shortcut: alt+shift+z
(can be changed in the file!)


nke auto align dots shortcut keyboard

nuke align dots keyboard hotkey

BBoxCrop (Gizmo)

Uncrop to place a cropped image back in its original position, or crop to the size of the BBox.


BBoxCrop gizmo ui


Uncropping (inverse crop) a cropped image so it can be merged back over the original:


nuke uncrop reverse inverse

Breakdown_Maker (Gizmo)

Quickly make a customizable breakdown that plays the shot while the layers are wiping sequentially.


CardInFrustum (Python)

Make a card that is oriented towards the selected camera node, and fit it in its frustum. Can be expression-linked, or placed on one frame.


nuke place card in camera frustum

CloseAllProperties (Python)

Closes all property boxes at once (especially useful if you like to use floating windows).

Keyboard shortcut: \
(can be changed in the file!)

CycleOperations (Python)

Scrolls through the possible operations on selected nodes. Works with nodes like Merge, ChannelMerge, Keyer, Shuffle, and others.

Keyboard shortcut: alt+w, and alt+shift+w for backwards scroling
(can be changed in the file!)


nuke cycleoperations

GoToDirectory (Python)

Keyboard shortcut to open the folder of the path currently on the clipboard.
If a Read or Write node is selected, it opens that folder instead.

Keyboard shortcut: alt+shift+r
(can be changed in the file!)


Nuke open directory from clipboard

MergeConnect (Python)

Select merge nodes and nodes to connect to them as their ‘A’ input, and all selected nodes will be connected to their respective Merge nodes – with a dot in a straight corner!

Keyboard shortcut: shift+y
(can be changed in the file!)


nuke auto connect merge node

nuke connect merge keyboard shortcut

NukeShared (Python)

Automatically load plugins in Nuke when they’re placed in the right folder. Can also be used as a plugin repository on a server.

nuke auto install nodes

PasteForEachNode (Python)

Paste nodes from the clipboard for each currently selected node.

Keyboard shortcut: ctrl+shift+v
(can be changed in the file!)


nuke paste for each node

nuke keyboard shortcut paste for each node

PixelSort (C++ plugin)

Sort pixels in an orderly fashion.


pixel sorting in nuke

QuickShortcutEditor (Python)

Quickly change keyboard shortcuts for all nuke nodes or menu items.


nuke how to set keyboard hotkeys

readZEISSdata (Python)

Read ZEISS lens data files to a Nuke node. Adds supplementary features to ZEISS’ own plugin (e.g. animated curves for data like focus distance, works on all versions of Nuke).
The ZEISS plugin is not needed for this to work, but it can be downloaded here.


nuke read zeiss data zlcfnuke read ZEISS data import lens

SetLoop (toolset, python)

Loop nodes an amount of times, like an image solver/iterator. Useful when, for instance, rendering fractals or reaction diffusion in Nuke.


ShiftRGB (C++ example project)

Tutorial for setting up the Nuke NDK using Visual Studio and writing/compiling a basic plugin.


Nuke NDK plugin knobs

SplitAllLayers (Python)

Split all layers of the currently selected node into shuffles, with some options for backdrops, distances, and merging them back together.


nuke split layers to shuffles multi channel


WordArt 1997 (toolset)

A few of Microsoft Office’s amazing text designs – now available for Nuke.


nuke wordartnuke wordart 2003nuke wordartgraphic design is my passion wordartnuke wordart

WrapItUp (Python)

Collect all media, gizmos and other necessary files to make a Nuke script work, and copy it to one specific folder.
Features: auto-relinking, checks for duplicates, a command-line interface, a nice user interface when run in Nuke.


nuke get media for nukescript wrap it up


RATConvert (Python, shelf tool)

Batch-convert and relink textures from path parameters to RAT files, using iconvert.
Works with UDIMs.

Install the shelf tool by placing it in $HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR/toolbar/
and adding it to a shelf using right click > ‘Edit Shelf Tab…’ > ‘Tools’.

(Or make a new shelf tool and add the Python script to it.)


auto convert and replace rat files

houdini rat file convert and relink


BooleanBatch (MEL)

Batch the boolean command for one object with all selected objects.
Example: Subtract one object from many others without merging them.


boolean batch mayamaya booleanbatch boolean batch

RandUV (MEL)

Randomly scatter the UVs of all selected objects within variable maximum bounds.


randuv random scatter uv maya


Keyboard (Prefab, JavaScript)

An on-screen keyboard for Lens Studio
(for use in Snapchat AR lenses).


lens studio keyboard