QuickShortcutEditor (Python)

Quickly change keyboard shortcuts for all nuke nodes or menu items.


nuke how to set keyboard hotkeys

Auto run .nk as NukeX (Windows registry key)

When opening a Nuke script, automatically run it as NukeX.

PixelSort (NDK C++)

Sort pixels in an orderly fashion.


pixel sorting in nuke

ShiftRGB (.cpp code and VS example project)

Tutorial for setting up the Nuke NDK using Visual Studio and writing/compiling a basic plugin.


Nuke NDK plugin knobs

NukeShared (python)

Automatically load plugins in Nuke when they're placed in the right folder. Can also be used as a plugin repository on a server.

nuke auto install nodes

SetLoop (toolset, python)

Loop nodes an amount of times, like an image solver/iterator. Useful when, for instance, rendering fractals or reaction diffusion in Nuke.


Breakdown_Maker (toolset)

Quickly make a customizable breakdown that plays the shot while the layers are wiping sequentially.



RandUV (MEL)

Randomly scatter the UVs of all selected objects within variable maximum bounds.


BooleanBatch (MEL)

Batch the boolean command for one object with all selected objects.
Example: Subtract one object from many others without merging them.


boolean batch maya


Keyboard (prefab)

An on-screen keyboard for Lens Studio
(for use in Snapchat AR lenses).


lens studio keyboard