September 2021




I was invited by UNI_VERSE STUDIO to showcase my work
at their first edition of RGBXYZ, a digital arts expo in Amsterdam.

I created 3 installations, using TouchDesigner:

I Know What You Said
Feedback Loop (with Isabelle Udo and Sara Orfali)



I placed a device with two buttons, red and green, on a pillar in front of a screen.

The green button takes a short recording of you, and shows it in a grid with all other recordings.
The red button removes all the recordings from the gallery.

In total, more than 1.100 short videos were made in only 4 days!

I Know What You Said


This installation listens to every word you say.
It looks up relevant images, using Google and The Internet Archive, and displays them on the screen.
Conversations are a lot more fun with this as a backdrop.

If you’re interested in how this is done, I shared the project files here!

Feedback Loop


This collaboration with Isabelle Udo and Sara Orfali creates sound and visuals, based on your pose.
Move around to leave a trail in space behind you, and listen to the soundscape change.