The Rube Goldberg Machine – HTC Vive / Unity

January 2016

Suleiman Alaoui and I wanted to make something for the room-scale VR of the HTC Vive, with which you could build something new.
The possibility to build was missing in the VR demos that were available at that time (January 2016).

This is a sandbox application we made, with some physics and other weird experiments!

Besides the sandbox mode, in which you can build whatever you like, it also contains a bit of a game-element.
In this game, there is a red ball that has to touch floating coins to score points.
However, building anything new or moving any object restarts the game and resets your score.

Build the machine to guide that ball, so it picks up as many coins as possible in one go.

Create shapes (Cubes, spheres, pyramids, cilinders) or lights.
You can even create little creatures (stick figures) that have their own AI to make sure they don’t fall off of high surfaces or miss the jump to another block, as they climb and run around the things you build.
They don’t really have a purpose.

Objects can be glued together and picked up as one.

Gravity can be turned off, which gives room for some weird physics.